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Higher Value, Lower Fees
With Wei Solutions, high caliber candidates aren’t always high-cost proposition. Because of our creative business model, we’re not charging hefty 30% fees on your full time hires. On contract hires, we discuss the bill rate you are considering, and give suggestions based on the market rate only when necessary. Top
Right Candidates
Candidates who are “close” aren’t close enough. Candidates who are “maybes” may be good enough for other customers, but not ours. Simply put: if we don’t have a fit, you don’t see the resume. Not only is the fit right, the attitude is right. Many candidates come to Wei Solutions because they hear through word of mouth that we’re extremely fair. Our candidates know their billing rate and how much money is apportioned. They’re never asked to sign a non-compete agreement with us. Because of the respect we show them, and the trust we build, they come to you happier and more committed.Top
24 / 7
At Wei Solutions, Monday morning sometimes begins on the weekend. That is, if you find yourself in a pinch on Friday and know you need a contractor to start Monday, we can start searching over the weekend. Because of our personalized services, you can reach one of us, not a voice mail bank, at most any time.Top
90 Day Guarantee
There’s a lot to be said for our style and approach, and our customers say it best through their repeat business and referrals. Wei Solutions places only the most qualified professionals who are ready to contribute from day one! That is why our customers enjoy a significant return on their investment. To ensure your investment’s worthwhile, we promise:
  • 50% payment on new hires; 50% due at 90 days
  • Free replacement if candidate leaves within 90 days
  • No upfront fees
  • No charges unless we deliver and you hireTop
Personalized Services
Because we want to be more than a vendor, we work with you to be a partner. We are guided by the belief that good relationships are the currency of our trade., and that’s why even though it is your name on the door, we operate as if it were ours. This is what we call customer service and dedication to your success. We shy away from "follow up" calls that are really sales calls in disguise; but whenever your need us, we are always available.Top
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